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Truffle pasta Rome

Unique Flavors Experience

Truffle pasta Rome is the best truffle experience you can try in Rome, you will prepare with your hands truffle dishes and to finish we will teach you how to make fresh pasta by hand: tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi!

the experience

Welcome aperitif with prosecco and appetizers

Theoretical insight into the main traits of truffles: the differences between black truffle, white etc., the forests in which they are located, the type of land and trees they need, the types of dogs used for hunting.


Division of guests in teams, each of which, under the supervision of the organizers, will prepare three truffle dishes.

Truffle souces
Three truffle sauces with the addition of three different ingredients for each team: olives, mushroom, artichockes.
Truffle soufflé
Three types of truffle potato cakes with three different ingredients for each team: zucchini, bacon, cheese.
Homemade pasta
Three types of homemade pastas later seasoned with different sauces: potato dumplings, fettuccine, truffle stuffed ravioli.


Truffle potato soufflé with guanciale, zucchini and taleggio
Truffle and mushroom cream bruschetta, truffle and artichokes, truffles and olives
Country cake with zucchini, mortadella, truffle and parsley
Norcine tagliatelle noodles (sausage, cream and truffle)
Ravioli ricotta and ugly truffle and sage
Gnocchi and truffle dumplings
Scrambled cream eggs on a bed of fresh salad with black truffle flakes.
Sweet and digestive

Truffle pasta Rome


truffle pasta rome


Book your truffle cooking class. Please fill out the reservation form

The cooking class is available daily, starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm.
It will take place in Via Laura mantegazza, see the map and read the directions how to reach us.
In the specific notes any allergies, intolerances, etc